I am inspired by nature, travel and bits and pieces of everyday life. Sights, colors and energy mingle with memories and become a mental palette and renewing vessel of inspiration for my paintings.

Each painting is a new adventure, a joyous exploration of layering organic elements, minds eye – fragments and shadows of previous journeys. Listening to my innermost creative voice, I translate the beauty of nature, cities and even constellations into colorful and sometimes fanciful contemporary art.

As a child I always loved “seek and find” books. It excited me to find all the little hidden pictures. In a similar way I like to create many layers of translucent color, texture and rich glazes in my work, sometimes even incorporating paper or small objects to add interest, depth and surprise. Using a varying combination of acrylics, inks, gels, texture pastes and paper, I start my intuitive process of layering ingredients and paint, letting the canvas speak and guide me toward the final outcome.

My paintings are colorful escapes and abstracted translations of my memories, things I love and places I’ve been. They are snapshots of emotion, revealing my past, present and intuitive journeys. It is my hope that my artwork also serves as a touch point to remind others of their own journeys and pleasures in life.